Laser hair removal offers various advantages:

• It is long-lasting. The IPL treatment destroys the hair root, making it difficult for anew hair to grow back. Top-up treatments may occasionally be necessary, although a yearly trip to your laser treatment clinic is surely less hassle than a daily battle with a razor.

• It is fast. The IPL can cover large areas quickly, which means that you are hair-free in no time. The hair can take up to two weeks to fall out following the treatment, but the results are then long-lasting.

• It can be used on any part of the body. All those areas that are causing problems can be treated using IPL: the back, shoulders, chest, stomach and bikini line can all be smooth and hair-free thanks to IPL.

• The effect can be subtle or dramatic. IPL can be used to completely remove all offending hairs from the body, or it can also be used to thin them out for a more natural look. No other hair removal treatment can easily produce this thinning effect.

• There are limited and temporary side effects. Any woman will tell you that waxing and shaving can cause ingrown hairs, inflammation and scarring. Laser hair removal London respects the structure of the skin and leaves it undamaged.