Why laser hair removal is a great option for men

Posted on 26 Nov, 2011

As fashions have dictated that women remove more and more of their body hair, the desire for silky smooth and hair-free skin has also been extended to the male population.

Whereas cyclists used to be considered a little strange for shaving their legs, and hairy chests were a badge of masculinity, nowadays men too are removing body hair for a smoother look.

Treatments on the face tend to concentrate on the shaping of eyebrows, with a bit of tidying up around the ears and back of the neck.

On the body, the areas now considered to be better sans hair are the back, chest, shoulders and stomach. There has also apparently been a sharp increase in the number of men who are requesting bikini waxes…

So now men are faced with the same problem as women: which is the best method for hair removal? The trusty razor, so useful for removing facial stubble and an integral part of the daily shaving ritual, seems a less attractive option if you need to get rid of some undesirable back hair…