Why laser hair removal is the most effective method

Posted on 02 Dec, 2011

Excessive hair growth on the face and areas of the body can cause distress and embarrassment. Today’s society considers excessive hair growth as abnormal, and fashions in recent years have promoted increasingly hair-free bodies. Even normal female hair growth patterns can now almost be considered excessive and removal necessary.

When considering removing hair from fairly extensive areas of skin, it is important to choose a method that will not only effectively remove the hair, but also provide results that last for as long as possible.

We all know that shaving is only a very temporary measure that needs repeating frequently for smooth, hair-free skin. Waxing, too, needs to be undertaken on a regular basis, albeit less frequently than shaving as the hair is pulled out by the root.

Laser hair removal works differently. The energy from the intense pulsed light travels down the hair to the root and shaft where it creates heat. As the follicle heats up, the regenerative cells are denatured, meaning that regrowth is prevented.

The hair usually falls out within two weeks of the treatment, but no replacement hair grows from that root. The treatment does not damage the surrounding skin and is very quick. For laser hair removal London ‘s Laser Treatment Clinic offers effective treatment.