Around seven million people undergo tattoo removal treatments each year. There are several different types of tattoo removal treatments available, although laser tattoo removal is becoming more and more popular.

Some of the different types of tattoo removal methods are:

Dermabrasion and Cryosurgery

The Dermabrasion method involves sanding the top and mid-layers of the skin to eradicate the tattoos. However, this method can have bad side effects such as permanent scarring and prominent marks.
The Cryosurgery procedure involves freezing the inked area before beginning the extraction method.


This is one of the most painful methods of tattoo removal. The doctor removes the tattoo with the help of a blade. The doctor then covers the area with stitches. The painful nature of this method means that it is the last resort for many people.

Laser Treatment

Laser tattoo removal is a relatively painless method compared to other methods. It is also less risky and doesn’t have such a high risk of scarring or leaving unwanted marks.

Laser tattoo removal is the ideal way of getting rid of your unwanted tattoos for good.