Why laser treatment is known as the best acne treatment

Posted on 09 Apr, 2010

Laser acne treatment is the latest advancement in the dermatology field. Now, many people recognise laser acne treatment as the best acne treatment. It offers real promise to people who are affected by acne and want to get rid of it and the scars it leaves. Many people try numerous products available on the market to cure their acne. However, these products fail to offer adequate results.

Nowadays, laser technology is commonly used in many health related applications such as hair removal, stretch mark removal, tattoo removal, eye surgery and so on. Now it is used free people from acne problems.

There are two stages to effective acne treatment. In the first stage, a single beam of light is used to kill the bacteria causing the acne. At the same time it shrinks the sebaceous glands that secrete the excess oil responsible for the skin complaint.

Laser skin resurfacing is the second stage of the treatment and it helps to remove the scars caused by acne. During this process, the upper layer of the patients’ skin is replaced by new skin cells to give a fresh complexion. If you are suffering from severe acne and scarring then laser acne treatment is the best solution available for you.