Stretch marks are a natural part of growing up for both men and women. They often appearing during puberty when teens experience a significant growth spurt. Despite this, not much attention is given to the fact that men can get these marks too. This is most likely because up until recently, women have been far more concerned about removing them than men. Until now.

Our skin is incredibly flexible but once it is stretched beyond its limits supporting structures can break down. The result of this is the scarred look we all know and recognise as stretch marks. With pregnancy commonly cited as the most common cause of stretch marks, it’s easy to see why men are often left out of the conversation. However, the reality of stretch marks is that they have a number of different causes.

In the case of men, the most common causes of the scarring are usually weight gain, puberty, and rapid muscle building – which is why male athletes often have stretch marks. The original cause of the stretch marks can usually be determined by where they appear. Growth spurts usually cause stretch marks on the upper arms, things, and back, while weight gain affects the abdomen and stretch marks from muscle building will appear along the perimeter of specific muscle groups.

How the Laser Treatment Clinic Can Help Men with Stretch Marks

With over 19 years of experience in treating a variety of skin conditions, our Harley Street clinic is no stranger to male patients looking to improve the look of their stretch marks. To start your journey, you will first have a consultation with one of our skin experts where they will put together a tailor-made treatment plan to best address your specific concerns.

Following this, you will be recommended a combination of the treatments offered here at The Laser Treatment Clinic which are used to address the look of stretch marks. The stretch mark treatments on offer at our clinic are advanced dermabrasion, our exclusive derma white treatment, and collagen induction therapy.

Each treatment targets stretch marks differently and when combined, they deliver a significant improvement in the look of stretch marks as well as the improvement of textural irregularities.

Your skin expert will also recommend that you use a number of home care products to support the treatments you will receive in our clinic. These include the Marine Boost Super Serum, Ultra Smooth Sea Polish, and Ultra Light Derma White.

If, like so many other men, you are feeling insecure about your stretch marks, book a free consultation today to find out how The Laser Treatment Clinic can help you.