Why opt for laser acne treatment?

Posted on 23 Aug, 2010

Laser acne treatment has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. It is quickly substituting more traditional types of acne avoidance and elimination procedures. There are numerous over the counter acne treatment creams and lotions to choose from. However, they do not provide effective results as they claim.

Many people also use antibiotics to avoid acne breakouts, but they quite often turn out to be unproductive or at least can be a hassle to constantly take. This is why increasing number of people are now looking for innovative ways to treat acne problems. Laser acne treatment procedure works well on all type of acne problems. It is also the most effective way to permanently get rid of acne problems.

How does the laser acne treatment procedure work?

During the laser resurfacing procedure, the doctor compresses a laser pen above the acne disfigured tissues or acne. Using this laser pen, the doctor waves the concentrated laser light beam forward and backwards on the affected area. This procedure vaporises the discarded tissues and creates a new surface layer for growth of new skin cells.

While laser resurfacing procedure is unproblematic and secure, some post-procedural swelling and bruising is normal. In most cases, such side effects last for about 8 – 10 days. Laser acne treatment is quick and the most effective way to get rid of those acne problems in the best possible manner.

As laser acne treatment is more effective compared to the non-ablative lasers, they get rid of evaporation, thawing out and wearing away. Thus, you can get a smooth and clear skin.