Stretch marks are a common occurrence which usually affects the skin of the stomach, upper arms, breasts, underarms and thighs. Stretch marks usually look like thin scars with white or silver streaks. These scars hang loosely and look lifeless; therefore it is advisable that individuals get rid of them as soon as possible.
The following solutions will get rid of the presence of stretch marks.


Massage is an effective solution for any new stretch marks. Stretch marks are easier to treat when they are new. Massage the stretch marks four to five times a day. This is indeed an effective and rather inexpensive way to treat this problem. Use moisturisers with shea or cocoa butter for massaging the affected areas. You can also use olive oil or cod liver oil.

Stretch Mark Creams

Such creams are also an efficient solution for stretch marks. Both new and old stretch marks can be removed with the help of this cream. The prices vary on the basis of the brand of stretch mark creams selected. Focus on the ingredients and not on the price while purchasing the stretch mark cream.

Stretch mark removal via laser treatment

Laser treatment is a viable solution for stretch marks since it yields immediate results. This method is painless and does not cause any side effects. Laser treatment completely eradicates the presence of stretch marks. Thus this method is known as a permanent solution for stretch marks. It is evident that this method is certainly beneficial and effective compared to other traditional methods.