Why should you consider laser hair removal treatment?

Posted on 23 May, 2011

Facial hair on a woman can be a constant source of embarrassment. Furthermore, the process of shaving off that facial hair can be even more embarrassing than the facial hair itself. It has to be followed daily and has to done properly, lest that someone spots a stray unshaved strand of hair. Shaving also leaves the skin rough and coarse and will make the woman feel self-aware.

Causes of facial hair growth in a woman

Why does facial hair growth in women happen? The phenomenon of facial hair on women is known as hirsutism. It is usually caused by a hormonal imbalance. Before undergoing any hair removal treatment it is necessary that you see to any hormonal problems first, otherwise the hair will grow back.

The treatment

Laser treatment for hair removal works by destroying the hair roots under the skin. It will prevent about 99% of your unwanted hair growth, and the re-growth will be thinner and paler. Electrolysis puts in the finishing touches after a laser treatment.

No side effects

Mercifully, side effects related to the laser hair treatment are restricted to redness of the skin. It is perfectly safe to use makeup after a session of laser treatment.

Is the treatment expensive?

Although laser hair removal sessions do cost money, many would consider it as an investment if it constitutes a permanent solution. In the long run, the cost of hot or cold waxes and other temporary methods of hair removal will most likely add up to more than laser treatment.