Why tattoo removal is better than a cover-up

Posted on 07 Jun, 2011

It has been reported that Katie Price a.k.a. Jordan has just had yet another tattoo done. Once again, she appears to be taking a risk by having the name of her current squeeze tattooed onto her ankle, along with the date they met. He has reciprocated by having her name etches onto his leg.

While this may seem like a touching gesture of the couple’s commitment, it seems less so when you think that this is not the first time that Katie Price has demonstrated her attachment to someone by having their name as a tattoo, only for the relationship to end.

Only at the end of last month, a tattoo of her ex-husband’s name on the inside of her wrist was hidden beneath a larger, more elaborate tattoo of a rose. If she continues with the same approach, she could end up covered head to toe in ‘cover-up’ tattoos…

Another option, of course, is to use laser treatment for tattoo removal. Single-coloured tattoos like the names Leo and Jordan now have etched on their limbs usually respond very well to laser treatment, and removal may be preferable to creating another larger, elaborate, coloured tattoo over the top that will be doubly difficult to remove in the future.