Why You Should Choose The Derma White Treatment

Posted on 26 Jan, 2023

Here at The Laser Treatment Clinic, we have a wide variety of skincare treatments to help you achieve your skin goals. We aim to fix your skin concerns in a way that is best suited to you. This means we have a range of different treatments that vary in intensity to suit all kinds of skin problems. One treatment of ours that is a safe alternative to traditional chemical peels. This treatment is called the Derma White treatment and it’s offered exclusively here by us. 

If you are interested in what the Derma White treatment has to offer, then continue reading. Below are some of the reasons why you should consider choosing this unique treatment. 

How does the Derma White Treatment work?

The Derma White treatment is a natural herbal peel consisting of a blend of vitamins, enzymes and minerals. Applied to the skin like a chemical peel, this treatment works in the same way but only uses herbal and natural ingredients instead. This makes it completely safe for all skin types. 

Combined with the Ultra Light Derma White cream which contains the purest and highest levels of Giga White Swiss Alpine Herbs. This material has been clinically tested over 12 weeks and shown to have proven pigmentation lightening and brightening effect and reduce the appearance of brown/age spots, if used correctly and consistantly.

This treatment aims to brighten and clear the skin of hyperpigmentation, providing a more brighter even appearance. This is effective for skin concerns such as pigmentation and hyperpigmentation, acne, and much more. 

What are the benefits? 

There are many benefits to using the Derma White treatment. If you’re considering this treatment for yourself, then keep on reading to discover why it may be ideal for you.

Completely safe: the great thing about the Derma White treatment is that it is completely safe for everyone to use. This makes it accessible to everyone of all skin types, and means there is no risk attached to it like other procedures. 

Natural ingredients: this treatment contains only natural ingredients, making it a safe and risk-free way to achieve the skin of your dreams

Suitable for all skin types: Because of how natural and safe this treatment is, it makes it  suitable for all skin types. It’s also very popular amongst those with darker complexions. 

Non-invasive: the Derma White treatment is completely non-invasive, which means there is no recovery time as the skin is not damaged in any way. 

Quick: It only takes 15 minutes to apply this treatment, making it time efficient and ideal for those on a busy schedule.

Effective results: the treatment provides highly effective results that leave you feeling your very best. 

What skin concerns does it target?

If you have any of these common skin concerns then the Derma White treatment could help you fix these. 

●      Acne

●      Hyperpigmentation and pigmentation

●      Sun damaged skin

●      Birthmarks

●      Stretch marks

●      Scars

●      Rosacea

●      Ageing skin

●      Sun damaged skin

If you’re interested in this fantastic treatment then book your free consultation with one of our skincare professionals today.