When a 24-year-old Bristol student heard that MTV had launched a competition entitled ‘What would you do for music?’ her response was certainly dramatic. She headed off to a tattoo parlour and had the entire first verse of a Justin Bieber song tattooed onto her thigh.

The tattoo took three hours to complete and is followed by the singer’s signature. The competition organisers were duly organised, and the girl won tickets to the MTV Europe Awards in Belfast.

With a bit of luck, this girl won’t come to regret her gesture once the euphoria of the concert fades, although it does suggest that sometimes tattoos can be done for questionable reasons.

While she may be a die-hard fan of Justin Bieber now, it may not be the case in a year’s time. How many of us were obsessed with a certain pop star or group in our youth, only to grow out of the phase and even find it slightly embarrassing?

If this fan changes her mind, she will still have an extensive tattoo covering her right thigh, leaving her facing a course of tattoo removal treatment to get it to fade away.