Will thirteen tattoos be cause for regret?

Posted on 17 Nov, 2011

Kelly Clarkson, who was the first winner of American Idol and has since forged herself a career as a pop star, has decided to have her thirteenth tattoo.

She has apparently decided to have it done while on tour in the UK, as a kind of memento of the trip. Tattoos seem to be appearing in profusion nowadays on various parts of celebrity bodies, with the general public following suit.

The reasons for having a tattoo done in the first place are also changing. The first tattoos were thought to be medicinal or to show appurtenance to a certain social group. Nowadays, tattoos are all about individual identities.

They can also be undertaken with what seems like little thought for the future. Studies have shown that tattoos can influence the impression an individual makes on others and that this can affect their prospects.

While celebrities probably don’t need to worry about this (unless their tattoo is an embarrassing reminder of a failed high profile relationship), the rest of us could face severing tattoo regret in the future, if it was undertaken too lightly.

Laser tattoo removal can help, and can achieve excellent results, although if the trend for multiple tattoos continues, many people could be facing a long removal process…