Progressing further in to the winter season reveals temperatures plummeting further. The winter brings in cold air which lowers humidity and creates dry air. This dry air removes moisture from the skin at a faster rate than normal. In addition, winter is a time when radiators are switched on for lengthy times. This sucks out moisture from everything around us, again including our skin.

Aside from long hours of central heating, we also resort to taking long hot baths/showers. When behaviours such as these kick in, it is time to up the ante on winter skin preparations and fight back against extreme dry skin.

The first port of call is to not overheat the home. Wrap up warm and keep temperatures to a moderate heat. Using a humidifier or leaving an open bowl of water will help to put moisture back in to the air especially in dryer climates.

Eating the right foods will also contribute towards alleviating those dry skin symptoms. Oily fish, seeds and nuts contain essential fatty acids which have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body whilst also keeping the skin lubricated.

Not forgetting, the most essential ingredient in keeping the skin hydrated is drinking sufficient water and wearing the correct moisturiser for your winter skin type.

Written by: Sophie Hafez