According to a national survey carried out in the US by a hair removal clinic back in 2008, women are spending more than 60 days of their lives carrying out hair removal.

Women were also found to be spending an estimated $10,000 (£6,376) on hair removal, including buying razors, wax and depilatory cream as well as getting unwanted hair waxed by professional services.

This astonishing amount of time and money spent on hair removal over the course of a lifetime is entirely unnecessary considering that more effective, permanent solutions are available. A key example of more effective treatment is laser hair removal, which can remove unwanted body and facial hair completely after a course of treatment and initial investment.

Another survey that was carried out seems to support this idea that permanent hair removal can save women a significant amount of time and money. It found that women can expect to save between $5,500 and $7,000 (£3,506 – £4,462) if they choose permanent hair removal methods such as laser treatment on areas where they would normally shave.

For areas that would normally be waxed, women could save as much as $20,000 (£12,750) by using more permanent hair removal methods instead.