Worried about Sun Exposure in your formative years?

Posted on 21 Jul, 2014

Worried about sun exposure in your formative years?

Thanks to better health education most people these days recognise the dangers of sun exposure.  There’s still a lot of work to be done but various initiatives and awareness campaigns have successfully spread the message that sun exposure is extremely dangerous and that applying sun lotion isn’t always enough to halt the damage.

Beyond cancer

Skin cancer is the main concern but it’s not the only one. The sun causes all kinds of damage to skin cells and this damage shows outwardly. The complexion is known to suffer from sun exposure and signs of aging tend to come much quicker for sun worshippers than to those who are very careful in the sun. It’s not just fast aging that’s the problem. It’s also the fact that those signs and symptoms are so much more pronounced when sun damage is factored in. The skin loses its elasticity and character rapidly and markedly because of sun damage while blemishes and pigmentation issues are more widespread and prominent the less care you’ve taken when it comes to the sun.


It’s all well and good being educated about sun exposure these days. You can make the right decisions during the summer and when you are on holiday. You can avoid the midday sun, cover up to protect your skin, use high factor sun lotions and so on. Such measures ought to protect you from causing sustained damage to your skin and suffering consequences.

But what about cure?

For all that, preventing future issues to do with your skin is only half the story. It’s only now that people are really coming to terms with just how dangerous the sun can be, so what about all those holidays you went on when you were younger? What about all the times you played out in the strong sun completely unprotected as a child? What about your early adult life sunbathing and tanning during the summers?

It’s only natural to worry about sun exposure that occurred during your formative years. Your parents may not have been aware of sun damage beyond the immediate symptoms of sunburn and it isn’t their fault that the important information wasn’t available to them back then.

Monitor the signs

The crucial thing now is to keep an eye on your skin. You need to look out for the signs that historical sun exposure has had a negative effect – after all, the symptoms often take many years to appear.

Discolouration, interruptions in skin tone (pigmentation), unexplained blemishes, changes to moles and other marks – these are all important things to watch out for. Other symptoms of sun damage come under the category of premature aging: the skin loses its suppleness and softness, it doesn’t repair well, it loses its elasticity and lines form across the surface…

Past sun exposure is one of the main reasons your skin might appear to age early. If you feel that it’s beginning to happen to you then it’s tempting to spend big on cosmetics. Unfortunately, this may not have the desired effect. While cosmetics will hydrate the skin and help keep it in the best condition possible, they can’t undo damage that’s already been done – the damage that was inflicted on your skin during your formative years by the extraordinarily powerful rays of the sun.

Laser therapy

In order to address that damage, you have to go a little deeper. You have to look for alternatives that are capable of changing the very character of the skin beneath its surface. That means laser treatment.

Laser treatment for sun damage is becoming more popular, not least because more people are becoming aware of the fact that the early signs of aging they are suffering from is a direct result of the sun exposure they engaged in when they were younger.

Understanding the relationship between the sun and your skin brings you face to face with an important fact: premature aging isn’t just bad luck to do with the nature of your skin. It has a cause and with greater care it could have been otherwise. Knowing this, it should come as little surprise that people seek forms of treatment that change things – forms of treatment that effectively wind the clock back a little and allow you to experience the kind of complexion you would have experienced if you had defended yourself against sun exposure all those years ago. Safe, cost-effective and successful, it’s no wonder that laser treatment has become such a popular method of therapy for those worried about sun exposure in their formative years.


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