Would you let an eight year old tattoo your arm?

Posted on 23 Mar, 2012

It’s probably safe to say that if you decide to have a tattoo done, you will want a talented expert at the other end of that needle! Tattoo regret can be caused by many factors, but one major reason is surely disappointment with the final result. So, you would think it would be rather risky to let an eight-year-old loose on a tattoo, even if she is your daughter…

Reality TV star and ex-Mr Sandra Bullock did just that, however, last weekend. He added to his extensive collection of tattoos with a new tattoo of his daughter’s name: done by his daughter. While the end result is undoubtedly endearing (for the wearer), you have to question the wisdom of letting a child do your tattoo.

Not only are you asking for an amateurish tattoo, but you would also be encouraging and glamorising tattoos in the eyes of a child, making the decision to have a tattoo seem like less of a big deal. So many young people are now opting to get a tattoo that tattoo regret is on the rise, resulting in an increasing demand for laser tattoo removal.