Thread veins, caused by enlarged blood vessels, tend to appear near the surface of the skin. They are the bane of many people’s lives, because they are often considered to be unsightly. They are also very difficult to get rid of with conventional medicines, creams and lotions.

Some people with thread veins are understandably desperate to get rid of them, and in their desperation, they turn to surgery. This kind of treatment is invasive, painful and has a long recovery period. This should not be the option you consider, especially when there is a non-invasive, low risk treatment available that is just as effective.

Due to advances in the technology, thread veins can now be removed with laser treatment. In this treatment, a laser is used to target the affected area. The light is absorbed by the haemoglobin and the area is heated. At a certain temperature, the blood coagulates and the blood vessels denature.

The effect of this treatment is that the thread vein vessels collapse and then dissolve, without damage being caused to the skin around the area. After a bit of after care and recovery, your problem with thread veins should be solved.