You may love that tattoo now…

Posted on 08 Mar, 2012

For people who have tattoos as a means of expressing themselves, they may believe that they will be proud of their tattoos forever. People change, however, and once-loved tattoos can often become a source of embarrassment in years to come. They can also create obstacles in terms of employment and personal relationships.

During a television interview, the actress Megan Fox recently explained that although she had been warned against getting a tattoo when she was nineteen, she had ignored the advice and had gone ahead regardless. She believed she would want those tattoos on display all her life, but is now in the process of having laser tattoo removal.

Laser tattoo removal offers an effective solution in the case of unwanted tattoos. The laser is applied to the tattooed skin, where it causes the ink particles trapped within the skin to break down into fragments that are small enough for the body to remove from the site. As a result, the tattoo fades away over the course of the treatment.

While there may be some temporary redness, inflammation and increased sensitivity to sunlight, these symptoms soon subside.