Your Guide to Nail Fungus & How we Can Help

Posted on 28 Apr, 2023

Nail fungal, or onychomycosis, is a very common infection that causes your toenails to become brittle and discoloured. This occurs when a fungus infects the nail due to either being in close contact with someone with a fungal infection, or picking up an infection in a humid and moist area. This can happen if you’re walking barefoot in such areas, as warm and damp areas are optimal for fungi to thrive. 

If you’re someone who currently has onychomycosis, we know it’s something you want to improve the appearance of and get rid of as soon as possible. At The Laser Treatment Clinic, we try to make this happen for you as soon as we can. We have a range of treatments for all kinds of skin and body concerns, including nail fungal treatments. In this guide to nail fungus, we will be discussing everything you need to know about this kind of common infection as well as our treatment options for it. 

The symptoms of onychomycosis

If you suspect you have nail fungus then you should visit our specialists to seek professional advice. Nail fungus is not a serious condition but we understand that many people who have it aren’t happy with the appearance of it and it may cause some discomfort too. 

Here are some of the tell tale signs you may have a nail fungus infection. 

●      Discolouration (often yellow and brown)

●      Brittleness

●      Fragile 

●      Becoming detached from the nail bed

●      Becoming thicker

●      Cracks have formed

●      Difference in texture

●      Pain or discomfort

●      Crumbling

If you’ve noticed these symptoms then you should seek antifungal treatment from your healthcare provider. You can also seek treatment from our team at the Laser Treatment Clinic, as we can help improve and get rid of onychomycosis 

How diode laser treatment can help   

Here in our Harley Street clinic, we offer an effective and safe way to treat onychomycosis. Diode laser treatment aims to make you feel more confident and comfortable with your nails, by treating fungal infections and improving the appearance of the affected nail.  

Diode laser treatment involves eliminating the pathogens in your nail that are causing the infection. This happens due to the heat of the laser which is designed to rid your nail of the pathogens, putting a stop to the infection.

Diode laser treatment is very effective and is a painless procedure. This could be a great option for you, especially when combined with topical antifungal treatments. If you’re interested in our laser treatment for onychomycosis, contact our team today and book your free consultation through our website.