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Skin Expert Zaheda Hafez applied two decades of expertise and in collaboration with leading skin care scientist created ZAHEDA SKINCARE – a high performance naturally active science-led skin care range that delivers visible results.

Marine and botanical actives work synergistically together with The 3 Steps Skin Care Schedule to reveal a more beautiful complexion.

Follow our fuss free The 3 Steps Skin Care Schedule for beautiful skin.


The 3 Steps Skin Care Schedule

Choose 3 products from ZAHEDA SKINCARE

One Cleanser, One Exfoliator & One Moisturiser

Simply Cleanse, Exfoliate & Moisturise.

Twice a day.


The Marine and Botanical Natural Actives Used In Our Skin Care


Wakame Sea Kelp

Rich in Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12 as well as Calcium, Sodium, Iron and Potassium.It has been shown to help inhibit an enzymatic reaction that breaks down hyaluronic acid.
*in-vitro study/test carried out on active material.

Marine Plant Extract

Shown to protect against free radical attack and protect against photo induced collagen degradation.
*in-vitro study/test carried out on active material.

Seaweed Extract

Shown to protect against collagen degradation, induced by UVA and stimulates collagen neosynthesis
*in-vitro study/test carried out on active material.

Green Micro Algae

Shown to have anti vascular imperfection properties as well as increase collagen types, elastin as well as other skin restructuring components.
*in-vitro study/test carried out on active material.

Pullulan Micro Algae

A long lasting tightening material. It has been shown to help shield the skin against oxidative stress and stimulate the formation of Collagen-1, which is an essential part of the skins connective tissue.
*in-vitro study/test carried out on active material.


Phytosqualane shown to have exceptional moisturising properties


A polysaccharide which can form films on the skin. It has been shown to moisturise through reducing the amount the water evaporates from the skin and helps to improve the appearance of skin superficial fine lines.

Sodium Hyaluronate

Sodium Hyaluronate has a smaller molecular size than Hyaluronic acid, causing it to easily penetrate the skin’s surface. It is a small molecule that can penetrate deep into the dermis, maintaining and attracting water, as well as promoting microcirculation. A powerful humectant that attracts and binds moisture to the skin, providing extremely effective hydration and promoting nutrient absorption.

Co-enzyme Q10

Co-enzyme Q10 is known to stabilise the skin’s cell membrane by acting as a free radical scavenger. It supports the energy of the cell metabolism and can help reduce skin ageing and wrinkle formation

Swiss Alpine Herbs Blend

A unique Swiss Alpine Herbs blend. Has been clinically tested to show pigmentation lightening and skin brightening effect and reduce the appearance of brown/age spots, over 12 weeks. Also inhibits new melanin production.
*in-vitro study/test carried out on active material.

Blotches Complex

A complex of plant extracts that are known to decongests and help improve microcirculation, which can lead to reducing the appearance of skin redness.

Rosehip Seed Oil

Known emollient oil that has anitoxidant properties. Effective oil proven to reduce the appearance of scar tissue and fade the colour of the scar.

Organic Rosa Damascena Flower Water

A natural anti-bacterial and known to be very soothing and cooling to the skin. Calms skin redness.