Benign pigmented spots can manifest themselves in various ways:

• Liver spots
• Sun spots
• Freckles
• Uneven skin tone

Some people are born with them, while some develop over the course of a lifetime. While these spots are not harmful, they can make people unhappy with the appearance of their skin.

The Laser Treatment Clinic offers a combination of effective pigmentation treatment in order to combat the problem. One of these is known as Advanced Intense Pulsed Light Treatment.

This system is able to deliver treatment in an accurate way to highly specific areas, which means that surrounding areas are not affected by the pigmentation treatment.

The heat produced by the pulses of filtered light causes skin discoloration or hyper-pigmentation to disintegrate.

Although marks may look a little darker immediately after the treatment, this is only temporary, and the skin should start to fade or peel within the two weeks following the initial session.

With periods of two or three weeks between six pigmentation treatment sessions, significant results can be achieved in a relatively short space of time, leaving skin with a markedly improved appearance.