Having acne that’s in its active stage can be hard to deal with. Your confidence may be plummeting, you may experience pain and irritation on a regular basis, and you just long for it to be gone. At The Laser Treatment Clinic, we understand how hard it is to live with active acne daily. The following are some tips on what to do to help alleviate your acne.

Allow Your Skincare To Work

Switching up your skincare every now and again is a great way to see what works for you. However, you must give every new product you try the time to work. Trying a new skincare product targeted towards helping acne is a great change to make, but only if you give it time to adjust to your skin. 

The ingredients in your product need time to activate and your skin needs the time to adjust. Giving up on acne products too soon won’t help alleviate your active acne. It’s necessary to allow for a few weeks to pass before you try something else. 

Try using a gentle cleanser to remove impurities whilst protecting the natural barrier of your skin. Why not try our deep sea cleanser gentle cleanser? A product designed to strip your skin of debris, and leave it feeling hydrated and revitalised. Marine ingredients are unique and effective in helping all sorts of skin conditions, such as acne. 

Discover A Treatment That Works For You

Professional treatment is a safe and effective way to treat your active acne. Changing up your skincare routine by incorporating a specialist treatment could be the key to alleviating your acne. 

There are many effective treatments to choose from. At The Laser Treatment Clinic, we offer a safe and effective treatment that is designed to help you achieve your skin goals. 

The Derma White Treatment is a treatment option that works similarly to a chemical peel, but is much more gentle on the skin. This is because the Derma White treatment involves using a natural herbal blend as opposed to harsh chemicals. This process can lighten, brighten, and clear affected areas. This treatment is offered exclusively at The Laser Treatment Clinic. 

Intense pulsed light (IPL) is another effective way to treat active acne. This treatment can encourage the skin to heal itself from the lesions that acne creates, alleviating painful symptoms. 

The Laser Treatment Clinic offers IPL treatment, Derma White treatment, and many more options to best suit your skin. 

Avoid Sunbeds 

If you occasionally pay a visit to a sunbed then this could be damaging your skin. The harmful UV rays emitted by sunbeds can have detrimental effects to your skin and overall health. 

Regular sunbed visits can dry out your skin, and block your pores. Worsening the symptoms of active acne. 

If you’re worried about your acne and want to see what treatment is available for your skin, contact us today to book a consultation. We can help you achieve your skin aspirations.