A patch of brownish discolouration on the skin is called pigmentation. Skin pigmentation occurs when the skin produces too much melanin which darkens the skin. There is now a cure to this problem, thanks to laser treatment. Curing your skin of any skin pigmentation problems with laser treatment is a guaranteed way of getting an even looking skin tone.

How does laser treatment help prevent pigmentation?
The Pulsed Light System is a laser treatment which helps skin pigmentation problems. This beam of laser light removes the layer of uneven pigmentation. This in turn allows new pigment to be formed, giving the skin a lighter tone.

When there is a rise in the amount of melanin in a person’s skin, pigmentation occurs. The colour of the skin changes because of the rise in melanin. Laser treatment is more effective if the defect exists since birth as it then gets easier to rid of that layer of skin. The laser treatment allows your skin to naturally regenerate the upper layer of skin so that you get the desired skin tone.

Skin pigmentation is a problem faced by many. However you should always consult a doctor if a new area of pigmentation occurs. The laser treatment procedure can reduce skin pigmentation but should only be carried out by a medical professional.