Millions of people the world over suffer from acne and you might be wondering what this has to do with either dark spots or hyperpigmentation. Well, for women and men of colour, in particular, it turns out a whole lot worse as Asian and black African skins types often suffer from permanent reminders of their acne in the form of dark spots.

While these dark spots can be treated, the issue comes when people begin to get their dark spots and hyperpigmentation mixed up with another type of post-inflammatory trauma – erythema. Whereas as PIC (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) is well-known, PIE (post-inflammatory erythema) is far less documented, leading to patients confusing the two. The reason why this can be an issue is that both types of post-inflammatory trauma require different treatment methods in order to effectively tackle them, making it vital that they are properly identified prior to any procedures.

How to Tell Hyperpigmentation and Erythema Apart

 Although both hyperpigmentation and erythema are forms of post-inflammatory trauma that occur following acne, sun damage, or other such inflammatory conditions, telling them apart isn’t always simple – especially on darker skin tones. This is because, on black and Asian skin tones, erythema can often look like hyperpigmentation despite the fact that it is caused by dilated blood vessels rather than overproduction of pigment.

Treating Hyperpigmentation

Thankfully, as we have already touched upon, whether you have erythema or hyperpigmentation the condition can be easily treated – even on black and Asian skin tones.

Our trained team of skin experts at our Harley Street clinic have decades of combined experience in treating hyperpigmentation issues on black and Asian skin tones using cutting-edge technology and the latest techniques. Unlike most clinics, we not only understand that darker skin tones require a higher level of attention care to avoid causing any further pigmentation issues, we also have practical experience in doing so, having treated thousands of patients with black or Asian skin tones.

Our most popular and most effective treatment for hyperpigmentation on darker skin tones is our Derma White Treatment. This exclusive treatment is a form of skin exfoliation which is facilitated by the application of an all-natural advanced peel treatment. While it is safe and effective for all skin types, it is particularly efficacious on darker skin tones for treating hyperpigmentation without causing irritation or any further pigmentation issues.

The treatment is most commonly used on the facial area but is also suitable for use on other areas of the body such as the underarms, chest, legs, abdomen, intimate areas, and back. But most parts of the face and body can be treated successfully.