Many of us take great care over our appearance and both women and men use skincare products to ensure that the skin on our faces looks its best. We understand that skin needs to be kept hydrated and protected from the elements, in particular, the sun.

Wrinkles, sun spots and dry skin can all make us look older and more tired than we feel, but we often neglect our hands while worrying about the same signs of ageing and damage that appear on our faces.

The skin on your hands can be very vulnerable to the ageing effects of environmental conditions: from the sun to frequent washing up and not enough TLC, the hands are constantly exposed to damage. They can end up looking much older than they need to, particularly when age or liver spots begin to appear.

Hyper-pigmentation occurs when the skin is exposed to too much sun with insufficient protection. An excessive amount of melanin is produced, causing darker brown patches to appear. They are particularly common in fair-skinned people and will only darken with continued exposure to the sun’s rays.

Pigmentation treatment can help to reduce the appearance of these marks, rejuvenating the skin and making your hands look younger!