Effective ways to treat pigmentation problems

Posted on 29 Jan, 2010

Anyone who suffers from acne will agree that dealing with this skin condition is one of the toughest and most awkward today. Even if you manage to heal the acne, your skin may be left with scarring or discolouration. This is because it can leave behind red spots and blotches that mar the skin. This can often result in skin pigmentation problems, which can be very difficult to cure without cosmetic procedure.

The good news is that there are different types of pigmentation treatments available to treat this skin condition. Here are the two most common treatments around today:

Laser resurfacing – A laser is used to penetrate either the top layer or deeper layers, depending on the severity of condition. With laser resurfacing, it is possible to tone affected areas of the skin according to the rest of the body. The lazer encourages your skin to produce new cells quicker, which will create a soft, plump feel to the skin when your pigmentation has disappeared.

Chemical peels – Another effective type of pigmentation treatment is using chemical peels on affected areas. This is ideal in places where acne has left black, brown or red marks. This is a pain free and easy process that can be done at home. Chemical peels help to unclog pores, fade acne marks and remove the top layer of skin. There are different strengths available, with varying recovery times.

There are other options available, and you should certainly explore all options before you decide to undergo any kind of treatment.