Get rid of dark spots and skin pigmentation with pigmentation treatment

Posted on 14 Jan, 2010

A brownish skin splotch or discolouration on your skin is known as skin pigmentation. Sun spots, age spots, freckles, lentigos and liver spots are all different types of skin pigmentations.

Laser pigmentation treatment is one of the common treatments available for this type of cosmetic issue. The pigmentation treatment can also treat sun damaged skin. This treatment works by eliminating the uneven pigmented layer of skin. After the treatment is over, it will enable the skin to produce new pigment having a lighter tone. Pigmentation treatment offers much faster results compared to other type of therapies.

Pigmentation is a result of melanin that causes skin darkening. Usually, the body produces melanin in response to ultraviolet radiation, offering a natural protection from over-exposure. Lasers work by utilising different wavelengths of light that are generally absorbed by particular type of melanin known as eumelanin.

Pigmentation treatment can help to remove and lighten skin blemishes from any part of the body. It is commonly used for:

• Birthmarks
• Age spots
• Freckles
• Hyper-pigmented scars

Eumelanin is the melanin which colours the skin and hair black and brown. As the eumelanin soaks up the light from the laser, it heats up to the degree at which the melanin producing cells, called melanocytes, are denatured and cease to produce melanin.