It looks like spring may be finally here, bringing better weather with it at last. After the long, dark and cold winter months, it may be tempting to make the most of the spring sunshine.

You should be careful, however, about suddenly exposing your skin to stronger sunlight. You may long to get a bit of colour into your cheeks as you emerge from the winter looking a little on the pasty side, but you need to take precautions in order to avoid sun damage.

Although the short-term effects of sun exposure can be desirable (a tan, or a ‘healthy’ colour), the long term effects can be far from healthy or attractive: wrinkles and fine lines, changes to pigmentation, areas of hyper pigmentation, thread veins or enlarged pores. It goes without saying that there are other, more serious conditions caused by excessive exposure to the sun.

So, as the sun makes a welcome reappearance this spring, make sure you protect your skin from its harmful effects by using an effective sun block that will allow you to take advantage of the extra sunlight without damaging your skin!