Pregnancy can affect all women in different ways. The effects on the body will depend on many factors, including genes, weight gain and hormonal fluctuations.

Unfortunately, having a baby can leave your body feeling used and abused and bearing the signs of the stresses under which it has been placed. This isn’t ideal when you are then plunged into one of the most joyful but tiring and stressful periods of your life!

Stretch marks and hyperpigmentation can be unwelcome and embarrassing and have a negative effect on a new mum’s self-confidence. Hormonal changes can result in changes to the skin’s pigmentation, particularly on the face and the belly, while stretch marks can form on the belly, the breasts, the arms and the thighs.

This can be enough to keep new mums covered up and reluctant to go swimming or go to the beach; while some women can wear these signs of motherhood with pride, others can end up feeling low and self-conscious of their appearance.

IPL can offer great results in treating hyperpigmentation, however, while microdermabrasion and laser therapy can work brilliantly for stretch mark removal, making it unnecessary to suffer any more.