So, if you are struggling with uneven skin tone and hyperpigmented patches, just make sure that you stay away from products that could have potentially devastating effects on your health and your skin, as there are other solutions.

IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light, is one such treatment that can offer great results without damaging the skin. It works by targeting the excess pigments that are contained in the skin, but does not thin the skin or damage its structure.

When the intense pulses of light are applied to the skin, the energy produced is absorbed by the excess melanin. The energy causes these pigments to heat up until the temperature reaches somewhere between sixty and seventy degrees Celsius. At this point, the pigments fragment, breaking down into particles that are small enough for the body to remove naturally.

As a result, the complexion is lighter, brighter and more even in as little as twenty minutes. Of course, the length and intensity of treatment will depend on an individual’s own personal needs, but this procedure is quick and relatively painless; most clients report a sensation similar to having an elastic band snapped against the skin.