How pigmentation forms and the treatment options are available

Posted on 16 Jul, 2010

Pigmentation is the uneven skin tone caused due to the excess or insufficient production of melanin by cells. This problem is caused mainly due to long period of sickness and direct exposure to the sun. Let us have a look at how pigmentation is caused.

Causes of pigmentation

When your skin is exposed to the sun for a long period of time or if you have been ill for a very long time then you can get pigmentation on your skin. Hormonal changes can also result in pigmentation. In cases like hormonal changes and sickness, the melanocytes, pigment producing cells, produce melanin in excess or conversely slow down production. White spots or problems with white patches of skin arise as consequences.

Treating pigmentation

Many products like creams and gels are on the market to treat the problem. However, the recent addition of laser surgery to treatment is a far superior option. Laser surgeries are much more effective than any other treatments. This treatment is painless, effective and offers immediate results. Pigmentation marks should be treated quickly to prevent permanent discolouration of skin.

Now that you know the reasons behind pigmentation, you can take steps towards a cure.