If you have patches or spots on the skin that are a different colour to your skin tone, it means that you have uneven pigmentation. Some people are born with pigmentation disorders, whilst for others it occurs with age or with exposure to the sun.

If you aren’t happy living with coloured patches or spots on your skin and you would like to even out your skin tone, you can consider getting in touch with a specialist laser treatment London clinic to arrange treatment.

Laser pigmentation treatment works like this:

1. A cold gel is applied to the skin, on the affected area
2. A sapphire crystal waveguide is gently applied, followed by pulses of specially programmed laser light.
3. The waveguide conducts the filtered light to the tissues which are causing the unwanted pigmentation areas. The patient feels minor discomfort when this happens, like a rubber band snapping against the skin.
4. The unwanted skin lesions heat up, and then start to disintegrate

Along with this treatment, some specialist clinics may also use microdermabrasion, laser therapy and ultrasound treatments. This is essentially an advanced kind of deep skin exfoliation, where the laser is used to promote skin healing and re-growth by boosting collagen levels and creating new skin cells.