How to improve the appearance of aging hands

Posted on 11 Aug, 2011

Uneven pigmentation tends to worsen with age. It is essentially damage to the skin caused by exposure to UV rays, and as damage accumulates, so does the pigmentation. One area often neglected is the hands. And yet, our hands are constantly exposed to sunlight and harsh conditions, and are often the place to develop age spots.

It has been said that the hands give a more accurate representation of someone’s age than their face. But if your hands are starting to bear the marks of age, with darkening and proliferating liver spots, what can you do to combat them?

AIPL pigmentation treatment can be extremely effective at removing these liver or age spots. The excess pigmentation absorbs the light from the Advanced Intense Pulsed Light treatment, which in turn causes the lesion to heat up.

The heat causes the marks to disintegrate and disappear, and after a course of treatment, the skin tone is clearer and more even. If your hands make you look older than you should, treatment is available to rejuvenate your skin and to dramatically improve both its texture and appearance.

The AIPL treatment is not only effective, but it is also safe and non-invasive, and allows you to resolve pigmentation problems without risking further damage to your skin.