Skin pigmentation disorders can occur in anyone; the issues can vary from discoloured marks or brown spots appearing on the skin, to pigmented patches. Throughout the summer months, pigmentation problems can be heightened as the sun can cause a significant increase in the production of melanin, leading to darker patches of the skin being likely to appear.

One of the most sought after issues we find our clients wanting to resolve is to gain an even skin tone, here are our top tips to help you manage pigmentation this summer.

Managing Pigmentation

It is a skin condition that can affect both women and men of all ages, and it can be quite stubborn to treat; but there are a few things that you can do to help manage skin pigmentation this summer.


As the sun will increase the melanin in your skin, it is important to cover up during the warmer months. Wearing a high factor sun tan lotion (we would recommend an SPF of 30 and above), as well as covering problem areas of your skin including face, arms and legs, when you are out and about can go a long way in managing your skin pigmentation this summer.

Taking simple steps to take care of your skin can help prevent pigmentation occurring, especially when it comes to the most common form of pigmentation; hyperpigmentation. Incorporate a daily skincare routine that will leave your skin feeling healthy and rejuvenated, and don’t leave out the exfoliator!

Treating Pigmentation

As we mentioned earlier, pigmentation is a stubborn skin care problem that can be quite difficult to treat, not only this but it can cause significant self-confidence issues. But, with the correct course of treatment from a specialist skincare clinic, you can treat your pigmentation with permanent results.

Derma White Treatment

At The Laser Treatment Clinic, we specialise in treatments for black skin care concerns; pigmentation is one of these. Through our formulated Derma White Treatment, we offer an industry leading treatment, which can get you the results you desire.

Consisting of a combination of treatments suited to your particular skin type, it involves an advanced peel or medical microdermabrasion treatment and possible NdYag Laser with Derma White skincare; this treatment involves a deep form of exfoliation to encourage derma white penetration and skin rejuvenation. Contact our friendly skin experts today to begin your consultation!

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laser treatment clinic reviews