Skin pigmentation is a concern that many men and women have to deal with. Below are some common types of pigmentation and pigmentation treatment.

1) Freckles: Freckles are present on children and adults of all ages and colourings. They are usually seen as small brown macules, and are common on the shoulders, chest and face. They often vary in intensity, depending on the season. Pigmentation treatment for freckles is 2-3 percent of kojic acid solution. Freckles are seen to respond well to kojic acid. Hydroquinone preparations as well as glycolic acid and retinoic are also known to be effective. Pigmentation treatment is best left to experts as hydroquinone is known to be harsh on skin.

2) Macules: Macules are also known as pseudo scars. They are generally flat or reddish scars, and can get inflamed.

3) Ocular albinism: This is a melanin related dysfunction and is restricted to the eyes. This condition may be related to genes.

4) Albinism: This skin condition occurs as a result of failure of melanocytes. When melanocytes do not produce melanin, it results in pale appearance.

Today, pigmentation treatment is very advanced, and can be used for a number of conditions, for further advice contact a professional pigmentation treatment clinic.