Laser resurfacing cures uneven skin tones

Posted on 16 Feb, 2011

Nobody has an unblemished perfect skin. Countless people suffer from skin discolouration, which is commonly known as uneven skin tone. This skin disorder is caused by environmental as well as internal factors.

What causes uneven skin tone?

The most basic cause of discolouration is melanin and sebum in the skin. Some parts of the skin contain high proportions of melanin. When these areas come in contact with areas containing less melanin, with continuous sun exposure they tend to become darker. The areas with less melanin remain lighter. Thus the skin appears to have an uneven tone. The skin is bonded by sebum. Since oily skin produces less sebum, dead skin sticks to the surface and this leads to uneven patches. If these patches are not taken care of then the surface of the skin hardens and eventually cracks. These cracks go deeper and turn into scars.

Laser resurfacing for uneven skin

Laser resurfacing is a professional and effective technique to get rid of your skin discolouration. It helps your skin heal and return to its original colour. Lasers are used to cure all kinds of skin disorders today, from sun damage to hyperpigmentation. The laser vaporises dead skin cells as very short pulsed light energy is discharged in a particular pattern. The laser has the capacity to precisely remove thin layers of dead skin with minimal heat damage to the surrounding area.

This technique is also known as last abrasion, laser peel or laser vaporization.