Laser skin treatment for hyper-pigmentation and dark spots on the skin

Posted on 02 Feb, 2011

The different types of skin pigmentation include age spots, sun spots, freckles, liver spots and lentigo. Melanin is the pigment in your skin which is responsible for the colour of your skin. When melanin is produced in excess, your skin will get a dual-tone and hence the darker patches.

If your skin is displaying any darker patches then it might be worth considering laser treatment for hyper-pigmentation.

Intense pulsed light for pigmentation problems

Intense pulsed light is a form of laser treatment which can treat skin damaged by excessive exposure to the sun. The layer of skin responsible for uneven pigment is vapourised and removed. This paves the way for new skin to resurface. This new layer will have a lighter tone than the previous pigmented layer. Depending on the degree of pigmentation, a number of sessions will be prescribed.

Age spots and liver spots can be a cosmetic problem for many people. They have no health complications but they can ruin the appearance of the skin. Laser treatment for these problems is available in two forms which are known as ablative and non-ablative lasers. The CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) laser and the Erbium laser fall into the ablative category. An example of a non-ablative laser is the Nd: YAG laser. It is the latest development in the field of laser skin treatments.

Once the treatment has been administered to your skin, new collagen cells will emerge to form new skin. The skin cells get renewed and make your skin look fresh and radiant.