Skin pigmentation is a problem in which a particular part of the skin might appear darker than the rest of the body. Skin pigmentation is characterised by skin discolouration or splotch on your skin. This is not necessarily a problem but certain individuals can feel very self conscious about these dark spots on their skin.

Some of the different types of skin pigmentation are as follows:

• Age spots
• Liver spots
• Freckles
• Sun spots
• Lentigos

Skin pigmentation is caused when the body produces an excessive amount of melanin. Melanin is most well known as the chemical which causes your skin to tan after being in the sunlight.

Bid Farewell to Creams
Individuals suffering from skin pigmentation usually opt for creams to lighten the darkened spot. However, this method is rarely effective and takes a long time to yield any results. Use of such creams can also cause skin infections and side effects, such as nausea and migraines. Skin pigmentation can now be treated via the use of laser or Intense Pulsed Light treatment.

The procedure aims to eliminate the layer of uneven pigmentation. This will allow the production of new skin which will contain the same level of melanin as the rest of your body.