Laser treatment for black skin – A safe procedure

Posted on 01 Feb, 2011

In the past laser treatment was considered to work only on certain skin types. Individuals who had fair to medium skin were perfect candidates to undergo laser treatment for skin problems. On the other hand, those with dark complexions were not considered suitable because they were susceptible to skin peeling, burns and rashes.

Laser treatment for black skin

With developments in cosmetology, laser treatment for black skin is now possible. The treatment was originally invented for people with a combination of fair skin and black hair Cosmetologists have done intense research and found out ways to minimise peeling, scars and burns after laser treatment. This is why today laser treatment is used to effectively cure scarring and pigmentation in a wide range of people.

Laser treatment for keloid scarring

Keloids are dense skin tissues that vary in colour. Some of them are brown while others are pink. Although harmless, keloid scars can induce itchiness causing distress to patients. While keloid scars can occur on any skin type, people with a dark complexion are more prone to getting them. In the past, people used chemical creams to get rid of keloids. This caused heavy scaring and blemishes. This is why today many cosmetologists are using lasers to treat keloid scarring.

With the widespread development of laser treatments it is now really affordable and is slowly moving up the popularity front as a scar and blemish treatment. I the past people were afraid of getting laser treatment done, but with proven results and constant advances in technology, that myth has disappeared.