Skin pigmentation is a common problem that can now be treated with the latest laser pigmentation treatment. There are several causes of skin pigmentation such as sun, hormones, injuries, hereditary, pregnancy and medication. Skin pigmentation can occur in number of ways.


This is the most common problem of skin pigmentation. They are patches on the skin with various sizes and shapes.


This skin problem is found in those who use birth control medicines, have hormonal problems, and natural causes. They are dark spots that appear on the face, legs and stomach of the patients.

Liver spots

This type of skin problem is common in those who spend lot of time in the sun and they are signs of skin damage. It is advisable to consult a doctor as soon as you spot them.

Most of these skin problems can be treated with the help of lasers but that entirely depends on the problem as to how deep it is rooted it is, or the sensitivity of the skin. There are also other methods to treat skin problems.

Benefits of laser treatment

• It can increase your self esteem and boost your confidence.
• Does not appear again and makes it less noticeable.
• It does not require you to cover up unnecessarily with make up or clothes.

Laser skin pigmentation treatment can do wonders to your skin, making it flawless and glowing.