Laser treatments – How do they work for different issues?

Posted on 31 Aug, 2010

The introduction of laser technology has made many previously impossible treatments possible. There were various skin problems that could not be treated. Laser skin treatments have now made it easier to treat these problems and get rid of them forever. Here are a few skin problems that laser treatment can effectively treat and a brief introduction to how this treatment works:

Acne treatment

Treating acne was not possible in earlier days. Laser acne treatment not only treats the acne but works effectively on scars as well. Laser beams are directed on the affected area and they shrink the size of open pores. This reduces the amount of oil produced by sebaceous glands. Laser acne treatment kills the acne producing bacteria with the light and heat produced by laser beams. This prevents acne in future.

Tattoo removal

Permanent tattoos can now be permanently erased with the introduction of laser tattoo removal treatment. The laser beam breaks the ink of the tattoo in millions of parts. This disintegrated ink is then dissolved and taken care by the immunity system of the body. Single-coloured tattoos are easier to eradicate than multi-coloured tattoos.

Stretch marks removal


Stretch marks are found anywhere on the body as a result of stretched skin. These ugly parts of the skin can now be treated using laser treatment. Laser stretch mark removal removes off the upper layer of this dead tissue and the body generates a new skin over it. The number of sittings required for this treatment will depend on the severity of the stretch marks.

Laser treatments can also be used for hair removal and pigmentation treatments. These treatments might take more than one session of treatment depending on the intensity of the problem.