Opt for laser treatments and dramatically reduce hyper-pigmentation

Posted on 12 Jan, 2011

Laser treatment can bring the much needed relief to people whose skin has patches of hyper-pigmentation. Laser treatment for hyper-pigmentation is more precise compared to the conventional methods of solving the problem such as chemical peeling, microdermabrasion and skin lightening.

Discussed here are the pros and cons of laser treatment for hyper-pigmentation.

The two kinds of laser treatment for hyper-pigmented skin

Laser treatment for hyper-pigmented skin can be performed in one of two ways. One method is called intense pulsed light and the other method is generically called laser treatment. The only difference between them is that intense pulsed light has multiple wavelengths whereas lasers have one wavelength. The intense pulsed light treatment is usually used to treat hyper-pigmentation over a wide area of skin. However, intense pulsed light sessions are spaced out over longer periods of time and need more sessions to be effective. Consultation with a qualified medical practitioner is a must before undergoing any such treatment.

Points to remember

• Make sure you discuss your skin history with your doctor before choosing laser treatment.
• Discuss how your skin reacts to seasonal changes and let your doctor know about any skin disorders in the family.
• Always try to protect your skin from harsh weather conditions such as bright sunlight and the freezing cold and use any skin protection lotions as prescribed by your doctor.