The hormones released during pregnancy can result in an increased production of pigmentation, causing dark patches of skin to appear on the face or the body. While these changes in colour are harmless, they can cause cosmetic problems, particularly if they do not fade after the baby is born.

Once they have appeared, these patches of pigmentation often reappear with subsequent pregnancies, and exposure to sunlight can cause them to darken rather than fade.

If you have developed hyper pigmented patches during your pregnancy, it is important to protect the affected skin from exposure to the sun. Make sure you use an effective sun block in order to prevent further darkening of the patches.

If the pigmented skin is noticeable or is causing you problems, you may want to consider pigmentation treatment. At The Laser Treatment Clinic, this involves using Intense Pulsed Light technology.

Intense pulses of light are applied to the affected area in order to cause the lesions to heat up. The heat energy results in the fragmentation of the pigments present in the skin, and they break down into tiny particles that the body is then able to remove.