Pigmentation treatment for freckles

Posted on 10 May, 2010

Freckles or beauty spots are either seen as a good or a bad thing. Some people view their freckles as repulsive blemishes. The course of hiding the freckles with make-up can be long and troublesome and above all, it will fail to give the desired results. But it is not difficult to find a pigmentation treatment to remove freckles and other discolouration which is safe and suits your skin.

Until the recent past, skin lightening with the help of hydroquinone or its derivatives was well-liked, but some safety concerns restricted its accessibility. Now, substitutes have been developed which are a lot safer and more effective. Light based treatments like lasers and the intense pulsed light system (IPL) are significant amongst these. Pigmentation is an effect of a chemical in the body known as melanin which causes darkening of the skin. The body produces melanin in reaction to exposure to ultra-violet radiation to give a natural shield from over-exposure.

The intense pulsed light system works by using wavelengths of light absorbed by a particular melanin called eumelanin which colours the hair and skin black or brown. As the eumelanin absorbs the light, the melanin producing cells heat up to the point that they are denatured and stop producing further melanin. The intense pulsed light system generates light that gets rid of defects without injuring the adjacent tissue. A sapphire crystal wave carries the filtered light to the objective chromophores in the tissues causing the surplus skin lesions to heat up and disintegrate. This can also help in eradicating discolouration and hyper-pigmentation.