Pigmentation treatment for the neck and décolleté

Posted on 23 Jun, 2011

Along with rising hem lines, summer also usually brings with it the lowering of necklines! This area, from the neck to the décolleté, is particularly vulnerable, and can be prone to pigmentation problems. The skin is very thin and fragile, and can be one of the first places for wrinkles to start forming.

This area is often one of the first parts of the body to burn in the sun, and inadequate protection can lead to dry, leathery skin and the production of too much melanin, resulting in pigmentation problems and liver spots.

While prevention is always the best approach, if you already suffer from uneven skin tone due to exposure to the sun, then effective pigmentation treatment does exist. Advanced IPL treatment can vastly improve the appearance of the skin, as the heat from the light causes the excess pigmentation in the layers of the skin to disperse.

Microdermabrasion is another effective treatment that can remove the pigmented superficial layers of skin in a safe way that does not damage the surrounding skin. The use of lasers stimulates the production of new and healthy cells, and a course of treatment can usually deliver significant improvements.