Pigmentation is not a rare problem and the causes of pigmentation vary from individual to individual. The following are some of the facts about pigmentation.

Causes of pigmentation

Ultraviolet exposure is the most common reason for skin pigmentation. This problem is common among individuals who live in tropical areas. This problem is also known as Solar Lentigos. Pigmentation due to the Sun usually takes place on the arms, face and legs. Similarly, pigmentation also takes place during pregnancy. Skin pigmentation might also occur due to trauma or stress. There is no need to worry however as this problem can be cured. Given below are some ways by which skin pigmentation can be treated completely.

Skin whitening creams

These creams contain harmful ingredients which can cause side-effects. It is thus recommended that you do not use any of these types of creams.

Sunscreen lotions

Sunscreen lotions are a way by which you can prevent pigmentation but not remedy an already pigmented area of skin. Such lotions protect your skin from the harmful ultra-violet rays.

Laser pigmentation treatment

This is the most effective treatment for pigmentation. If you choose a good laser treatment clinic you can cure the pigmentation problem once and for all. Moreover, it does not cause any side-effects and is completely safe.