Reducing the Appearance of Hyperpigmentation on Black and Asian Skin

Posted on 19 Oct, 2020

One of the most common dermatological issues – along with scarring – for all skin types, hyperpigmentation can be caused by several different things such as skin trauma, inflammation, hormones, or excessive sun exposure. While it is a harmless condition that does not affect someone’s health it can, understandably, leave someone feeling less than positive about the way that they look.

The good news about hyperpigmentation, even on the darkest skin tones, is that it can safely and effectively be treated without causing any further complications. Before we detail some of the fantastic treatments available at The Laser Treatment Clinic, we’re going to take a more in-depth look at exactly what can cause hyperpigmentation on black and Asian skin.


Hormones can be a very common cause of hyperpigmentation often resulting in either chloasma or melasma. Both of these types of hyperpigmentation are likely to be triggered due to an overproduction of the two main female sex hormones – progesterone and oestrogen – which then, in turn, triggers an overproduction of melanin in response to UV exposure.

Why Hyperpigmentation is More Common in Certain Skin Types

Hyperpigmentation does affect all skin types and tones but it does not do so equally. It is well known that those with darker skin – black and Asian skin in particular – are more disproportionately affected by hyperpigmentation than those with fairer complexions. This is due to the fact that darker skin already contains a higher amount of melanin and overproduction of this pigment is more likely to be stimulated by external factors than in lighter skin tones. From long term sun exposure, sun damage and sometimes product damage, this can also be an ongoing long-term skin concern from childhood, inflammation, acne, scars and blemishes

Treating Hyperpigmentation Black and Asian Skin

For those with black African or Asian skin, it is imperative that you find a clinic that has experience in treating darker skin tones, otherwise you could risk causing further hyperpigmentation. Our skin experts not only have decades of combined experience but the majority of our patients have darker skin tones, so they also hands-on expertise of gently but effectively improving the look of hyperpigmentation on black African and Asian skin.

We always advise our patients to have a skin consultation before booking any treatments as this will allow our expert team to assess your individual needs and create a tailor-made plan to suit your skin.  Our range of treatments includes our exclusive Derma White Treatment, Diamond-dermabrasion, Laser Treatments. Depending on your personal hyperpigmentation issues, our skin experts will recommend a combination of these treatments to create a bespoke plan for improving your particular type of hyperpigmentation.