Rejuvenate your hands by removing age spots

Posted on 24 Jun, 2012

When you think about the signs of premature ageing, you tend to think first about what happens to the skin on the face. When you stop to really think about which parts of the body are really exposed to environmental aggression, your hands are often on the front line.

We use our hands constantly, expose them to the elements (often without protection) and can neglect them terribly, so it is not surprising that the skin on the hands is often the first part of the body to start looking worse for wear.

If the skin is dehydrated, it can quickly start to look crêpey and rather wrinkly, while years of exposure to sunshine can cause pigmentation problems. As the skin ages, it is less able to regulate pigmentation production, and accumulated sun damage can eventually result in the appearance of what we call age spots.

They can have a terribly ageing effect on the appearance as a whole, although they can be removed fairly easily. IPL causes the pigments trapped in higher concentrations in the skin to fragment into particles that are small enough for the body to absorb and remove. So, don’t allow your hands to give you away; get those age spots removed!