Skin pigmentation problems

Posted on 11 Jan, 2011

Abnormal skin pigmentation is a common problem among many people across the globe. This skin pigmentation problem can range from severe (hyper-pigmentation) to moderate (freckles). Irrespective of the extent, skin pigmentation is treatable and does not create any kind of health problems to healthy individuals.

Some reasons that cause irregular skin pigmentation

• Hormones
• Birthmarks
• The sun
• Medication
• Pregnancy
• A hereditary condition
• An injury you may have suffered

Different ways in which skin pigmentation can occur


This usually occurs due to a change in hormone levels which can be put down to natural causes or taking medication such as the birth control pill. Melasma or post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation normally appears as dark spots on the face, legs or stomach.


These appear as patches of darker coloured skin and can range in different sizes from a moderate patch to a pin head sized spot. Freckles are common among individuals with fair skin.

Liver spots

While liver spots are usually associated with old age, age is not a must for them to appear. These spots are often seen in people who spend a lot of time in the sun. Liver spots can also be signs of skin damage so should always be checked out.

Most types of skin pigmentation problems can be treated with laser treatment. The methods used for treating the skin pigmentation will completely depend on the conditions severity and cause.